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1.  How long has The Van Group, LLC been in the insurance business?

Wayne Van, the principle of the The Van Group, LLC has been licensed to sell Life and Health Insurance continuously since 1985.

2.  Who can I call if I have a claim?

We pride ourselves in assisting clients when they need us most which is at claim time.  We get very involved in the claims process to make sure our clients receive the beneifts they originally applied for.  Bottom line is we are here when you need us the most.  Contact our offices direct at 318.397.2388 or toll free, 1.800.710.1786.

3.  How can I know I am getting the most benefits for my money when I purchase a plan through The Van Group?

As an independent insurance agency for the past 30 years, we constantly review the marketplace and review the carriers and the benefits they provide.  We represent some of the largest and most well known companies and have a strong relationship with many of them.  Because we do a large volume of business, we are able to leverage that for you to make sure you receive the best coverage for the premium dollars spent.

4.  Can you offer electronic enrollments for my employees.  

Yes, we offer enrollments via one on one meetings, group meetings, "lunch and learns" as well as the most advanced technological enrollments in the marketplace today.

5.  What is the best age to purchase Long Term Care insurance?   

That is one of the most common questions we get asked.  The bottom line is you want to purchase Long Term Care insurance while you are still young and healthy.  Often people wait until they can no longer qualify and then they want to purchase protection. Don't make that mistake.  The younger you are, the lower your premiums are and your premiums are locked in at the age of purchase.  For more questions, call us direct at 1.800.710.1786.