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Long Term Care for Employer Groups & Associations

Advantages of Employer Group Long Term Care

Our programs can be offered as a voluntary benefit OR employer-paid benefit.  We can also carve out a specific segment of management or employees to be paid by the company. There are tremendous tax advantages to small companies and C corporations which all of our plans qualify for.


a.  Opportunity for simplified underwriting.  Since in the open marketplace, as many as 40% of all submitted applications are either denied or rated, this can be the difference in your employees qualifying for Long Term Care protection or NOT.  Our simplified program has ONLY 7 knock-out questions that must be answered to be eligible for coverage.

b.  Unisex rates.  Since women utilize Long Term Care 3-1, the individual market has gone to gender based pricing, sur-charging females as much as 35% for the same benefits as their male counterpart.  However, in the workplace environment, women are charged the same amount as men.

c. Discounted programs.  We have programs available that make premiums discounted if the program is made available by an employer or association.