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Employer Group Long Term Care


Employer Group Long Term Care Insurance

The Van Group, has helped 1000′s enroll in a long term care program through their employer. Some plans qualify for significant underwriting advantages and discounts are available to all employees and their family members.


• By adding value to your benefit package, this program can increase employee loyalty and assist in recruiting and retaining talented employees;

• Because certain family members are eligible, this program can assist the employee in maintaining his or her job performance during a time when the employee is involved with the long term care needs of an insured family member…Recent state and federal legislation has provided for the following business tax benefits. These financial benefits can be quite significant;

• Premiums may be up to100% taxdeductible in sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, S-Corps and LLC’s subject to limitations;

• Generally, a corporation may deduct as an ordinary business expense, qualified long term care insurance premiums paid by the corporation for employees, spouses, dependents and retirees;
• Benefits received are tax free;

***Also, the cost of premiums can be refunded to heirs.


• Helps protect their assets from the cost of long term care , both during their working years and during their retirement;

• Helps relieve them of significant financial and personal responsibilities when an insured family member requires long term care services;

• By paying for services in a variety of settings including care at home. Long Term Care will help maintain your employee’s freedom of choice in determining how and where they receive care;

• Helps them preserve their financial independence and avoid relying on family or friends for support when long term care is needed.