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The Van Group has been the leader in employer group Long Term Care protection for the past 20 years.  We have proven to be the "go to" resource for many clients across the south. We have handled associations and employer groups from 2 lives to 60,000 lives.

The Van Group, LLC has access to the top carriers in the industry. Another advantage we provide is that due to our commitment to the industry, we will be there when our clients need us the most, which is at claim time. Due to the large number of clients we have, we are familiar with how the process works and we assist  both the client and their family members to make sure they receive the benefits they applied for in a timely and efficient manner.

Our plans pay for long term care assistance in your home, assisted living, adult day care or if need be, in a private pay nursing home.

Myths about Long Term Care-
Unfortunately, many people are misinformed that Medicare will pay the majority of long term care costs, but that is just not true.  Medicare will pay for a limited amount of skilled care and due to budgetary problems, they continue to cut back on the services they provide.  In nearly all cases, the assistance with activities of daily living that many people need is not covered.  Another misconception is that Medicaid will pay these costs.  This is true, only after you have spent your money down to the poverty level AND you no longer have any assets.  Unfortunately, Medicaid sometimes places very strict limitations on the venue and therefore it jeopardizes the quality of care some people receive.  The majority of Medicaid is provided in Medicaid approved nursing homes, and many view this option as less than desirable and the very last place they would like to go.

Most Commonly Asked Questions about Long Term Care Protection-
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